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Spend A Night With Sarah

Since I’ve started working at Jayne’s, I’ve been fortunate to let my evenings bleed into late nights with one of this city’s best bartenders.  It usually starts innocently enough; a few wrist slaps as punishment for a carelessly muddled Old Fashioned / a slightly harsh scolding for using the wrong brandy for a sidecar / a mild tongue-lashing for not knowing the ratios for a proper mule or daiquiri or gimlet.  Did you know there is a specific way to stir a martini to proper dilution?  There is, and it’s not a mindless endeavour.  Sarah reminds me often.

The point I’m making is — and here’s the truth that might get me into even more trouble than the title of this post — I thought that beer and wine was good enough.  Great, even.  And the beer and wine lists here are incredible.  I’ve watched as an outsider, this craft cocktail revolution take center stage, with a bit of my own detachment and denial of its validity.   Despite this, it’s become undeniably clear that there is a passion and care underneath it all that is inspiring and genuine.  At Jayne’s you find a collection of people who care more than any group of people I know, about the quality of every thing you taste.  Each cocktail, dish, dessert, is made with absolute care.  Each wine is chosen thoughtfully.   No one is faking it.  And since the title of this post celebrates one specific person, we’ll touch on that (but there’s more to know).   Sarah, your bartender, comes in very early for almost every shift to make syrups and infusions and recipes for the cocktails.  She considers the food, the guests, and the season.  We are lucky to have her. I can say this with confidence because I spend a good amount of my week working with her.  And most times when we aren’t at work I’m still listening to her talk about ways to do what we do, even better.

Come in and see her this week.  Pick a classic cocktail and ask her to make it for you.  Chances are, she’ll know it.  Or, even better, try one of the drinks she’s crafted.  Whichever you choose, she’ll make it with love and admiration.



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