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Jaynes Garden Update: Raised Planter Bed Frames Complete.

We just completed the raised bed frames.   Frank and I built them out of 2×10 Douglas fir with 4×4 corner bracing.  Redwood is a generally more durable, but at about 3-4x the cost we went with fir and will install a lining of thick plastic on the inner sides of the wood to help extend the life of the lumber.  I like the look of grayed lumber so I think I’ll just the the outsides bare.  These frames should last 6-7 years, minimum considering our great weather here.

The beds measure out at 4′ x 8′ with 19″ of height.  Should take about 1.5 cubic yards of potting mixture to fill each box up to an internal height of 16″.  Still shopping around for the best bulk supply option.  Feel free to chime in with suggestions.

We left 24″ of walkway space between each bed, enough to get a cart or wheelbarrow down them.   We will cover the walkway area with weed barrier and then cover and compact with decomposed granite.

Next Installment:  Irrigation system install and maybe a little copper sweating tutorial if I can swing it.

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  1. Love Frank working in the adidas!

    June 10, 2011
  2. Mom #

    How about a compost area…can’t use immedialely but great for soil improvement. from an eastern gardener

    June 11, 2011

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