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Congratulations, San Francisco Giants. Come Party with The Fairmounts!

Its no secret that Jayne and I left our hearts up in that rainy, cold, intoxicating and impossible to park wonderland, San Francisco.   It was October of 1989 and I had just moved from CT and was living in the Gilman dorm on the USF campus.  BA English ’94. It was my freshman year and everybody on our floor was watching the “Battle of the Bay Series” between the Giants and A’s.   Suddenly the six story building I was in felt like it was being ripped out of the ground by a giant.   Fortunately our building was built on rollers and fared very well, but Ill never forget that day and that world series.   Nancy Pelosi and the democratic party may take a serious beating tomorrow, but The Giants win should take some of the edge off.   Congratulations fellas!

My suggestions to everyone with hotels rooms booked all week in SF, check out my band The Fairmounts making our Bay Area debut next week at The Burritt Room on Stockton and Sutter.   More info here.


Jayne and Jon at their favorite ice cream parlor, Swensen's on Hyde and Union.



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