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Your Father Was a Hamster and Your Mother Smelled of Elderberries

By the looks of a St. Germain bottle sitting on the back bar at Jaynes one might easily assume Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Lautrec, and Parisians alike have been indulging in the French elderflower based liqueur for numerous centuries. Recently, when our St. Germain rep came by for a tasting I asked, “So when was St. Germain founded?”
“1907, that’s around when I would have guessed,” I said.
“No, 2007” she retorted.
We all felt deceived and happily so.

St. Germain
embodies the fusion of classic and contemporary that we are constantly pursuing and Jaynes. Created by Rob Cooper (3rd generation of Chambord family producer) Saint Germain is formed at the foothills of the French Alps in Dijon. A select few men, each known as un paysan, hand pick the coveted blossoms and deliver them via bicycle to the distillery. These bundles gathered over only a few weeks, provide the entire supply of elderflowers for the year. Next, distillers blend together gamay, chardonnay, and pinot noir grapes with hand picked elderflowers. The result is a unique, rich spectrum of fruit flavor profiles, that can only be attributed to Saint Germain.

Over the past month we’ve been enjoying tasting and experimenting with this artisanal liqueur at Jaynes. Two of our favorite creations include the Aria and the Saint Germain Sangria. First, the Aria, a refreshing blend of Saint Germain, Fever Tree tonic, sparkling wine, and fresh lime. For brunch we are featuring The Saint Germain sangria (available by the glass or by carafe), a mix of Saint Germain, Savignon Blanc, fresh summer fruit, and soda.


Coming soon… We’ll highlight Chartreuse, spirit conjured up by Carthusian monks for over 400 years.

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