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The Full Monty on the FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST @JaynesGastropub

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: we’ll be serving our SOUTHERN NIGHTS Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Collard Greens special Friday and Saturday nights.

English Breakfast

Jaynes Gastropub is proud to be bringing a Full English Breakfast (THE FULL MONTY) to Sunday brunch in San Diego. SUNDAYS 10 AM – 2 PM.

There’s nothing more American than a “bacon and eggs” breakfast, right? Think again. The origins of the classic American breakfast actually begin on the other side of the pond with THE FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST, THE FULL MONTY, or FRY UP (as we Scousers call it).*

In fact, the English Breakfast dates back to the 18th century and first appeared in print to distinguish it from the Continental Breakfast — a repast more suited for the faint of heart (i.e., a light breakfast such as is eaten on the Continent, especially in France).“The British feel that breakfast is one area in which they are experts,” write the editors of the Oxford Companion to Food. “They do expect a ‘full English breakfast’ of fried bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and tomatoes to be available in any hotel or café.”

THE JAYNES FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST: Fried eggs, Irish rashers (that’s bacon to you Yanks), black pudding, Fra Mani pork sausage, UK Heinz beans, potatoes, full-cap mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and fried toast. Also on the menu: Bread and Cie Brioche French Toast, Croque Madame, Pork Chops and Eggs, Docker’s Doorstep and the specialty of the house Jayne Burger.

Beverages include Hand-Squeezed Blood Orange Mimosas, Peach Bellinis, and Classic House-made Vodka Bloody Marys.

* Scouser, an inhabitant of Liverpool, from lobscouse, A sailor’s dish consisting of meat stewed with vegetables and ship’s biscuit, or the like.

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