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Everyone is talking about Natural Wines

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In case you haven’t seen it already, New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov wrote a great column on Natural Wines today in the paper, “Natural Winemaking Stirs Debate.” He also posted on his blog this week on the same subject (Eric’s column and blog are required reading here at Jaynes and we highly recommend both pieces to you.)

Seems that everyone is talking about Natural Wines these days: whether its Alice Feiring, Lou on Vine, or our good friend Saignée, Natural Wine is one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere right now. (Saignée, who’s also featured in Eric’s column, is about to launch his 32 Days of Natural Wine, a series of posts by guest bloggers, some of the biggest names in the business, and even Jaynes Gastropub!)

Here at Jaynes, we’ve always believed in Natural Wines and how downright delicious and food-friendly they are. Last year we hosted the first-ever San Diego Natural Wine Summit and on any given night, you’ll find a number of Natural Wines on our list (just ask your server or Jayne and Jon to point out the Natural Wine selections).

One of our favorites is the Lioco Anderson Valley Chardonnay (above, left), one of the wines that Eric recommends in his blog post.

What makes a wine Natural? This question can lead to heated debate but one thing that everyone agrees on is that Natural Wine, like the Lioco, is made by using the “wild,” “native,” “ambient” or naturally occurring yeast that lives on the skins of the grapes in the vineyards.

Come down to Jaynes tonight and taste Natural Wines from California, France, Italy, and even Slovenia! You might be surprised by how good they are and what an interesting experience it is to drink them, pair them with great food, and talk about them.

As Jayne likes to say, “the things I like the best are the things that are manipulated the least.” Natural Wine fits perfectly into our philosophy and approach to great food and wine here @jaynesgastropub.

Thanks for reading!

xo jayne and jon

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