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Biofuel Hand Soap?

We’ve been getting a lot of compliments about our new washroom hand soap at Jaynes. The biggest surprise comes when we tell people that this soap is made from Biofuel and more specifically from the biofuel created from the used cooking oils from our kitchen.

Since Jaynes first opened we have been recycling all of our used cooking oils, first with La Mesa hauler Blake Hauling for powering his biodiesel truck fleet and more recently with San Diego based New Leaf Bio Fuels.  The amount of used oil that restaurants collectively generate is a staggering amount.  Companies like New Leaf are starting to make this easier and easier for restaurants to dispose of in a positive way.  We urge other restaurateurs to give them a call.

What does this have to do with soap?   Well, the distillation of biofuel creates glycerin.   Further buys their glycerin from New Leaf which in turn is used to create soap along with the oils of oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses.  Further Products is a small family owned business that has created what may be the first artisanal bio diesel derived hand soap. Keep it up Marshall and family!  Give it a whiff next time you are at Jaynes.

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