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Barbera NOT Barbra

Sometimes the shit just stops hitting the fan and I get a break.  The economy is off life support, the ice machine is working like a champ, our type 47 full liquor license looks like its nearly a go, the new menu changes/wine list adds are batting 1000 and I get invited to spend a week in Piedmont Italy along with one of the grooviest bunch of wine professionals Ive ever seen.

What was that last one?

Well Com with the help of Jeremy AKA “Do Bianchi” AKA “The Jar” Parzen have organized Barbera 2010. From March 8-11 I will be in Asti, Italy to take part in an event that in one fell swoop should erase all of the Quickbooks scares of 2009, increase my alcohol tolerance and Piedmontese wine knowledge sevenfold and piss off Jayne for the entirety of 2010.

Jayne has already named her price…

I will be making daily blog posts of this event here and on other blogs so please stay tuned.  I promise to be the one dishing the dirt and taking pictures of all the sexy italians I meet….

I think everyone else attending this event has a minimum of twice my education, so I might as well set the bar low early and start out with a hamfisted blogging pun. Don’t laugh.  I dig this stuff and its’ classic Wrecking Crew for those those are really hip…

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  1. I love that track and that movie… so psyched to taste with you in Italy man!

    February 25, 2010

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