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How to make a Million in the Restaurant Business

Jayne and I recently got back from a trip to NYC.   Besides nonstop eating at some great restaurants like Minetta Tavern and Casa Mono I was at the AES show at Javits pimping my latest invention and tax deduction for the record producer (still sounds better than ‘CD producer’)

AES is a scientific body that among many things helps set the standards for analog and digital audio from the most compressed mp3 up to the highest resolution digital audio.   Scientific papers are delivered en masse where designers educate their peers about (and stake claim to) design concepts.   My uncle Billy and initial inspiration to periodically shock myself with 220vac, could have used this forum before he sold his “one knob tuner stereo tuner” design AKA the dial on every stereo tuner up till about 1985″ to RCA for $1 and a steady job at RCA making them more millions developing stereo audio.

The other side of the AES coin is the manufacturers who show their equipment to recording engineers, producers and the musical industrial machine.   My personal wares include microphone preamplifiers, equalizers and mostly recently large format mixing boards.  See this video of Jon describing the function of his new mixer design.

I get a lot of budding restaurateurs asking me how to get started in the business.  There’s an old joke in the music biz.

How do you make a million in the music business?….

Start with 2 million.

Well its actually not that grim for restaurateurs and just about as fun, but having a day job really doesn’t hurt.

I usually don’t talk about this tech stuff because of the tendency to create a hazed over look in the eyes of the poor soul Im talking too, but if this is interesting to you feel free talk to me about it.   We can revel in all the exciting new things in the Digikey and Mouser catalogs!

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  1. sam #

    hey jon

    looks pretty rad. it was great catching up in SD. the restaurant was muy spectacular.
    get in touch. let’s talk gear.


    October 27, 2009
  2. you are hilarious!

    October 29, 2009
  3. Fletch #

    Johnny…it’s all ball bearings these days.

    Pennzoil…no…make that Quaker State!

    November 1, 2009

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