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We’re Back! Tales from New Haven

We just got back from a week in CT and NYC. The restaurant was busy while we were away and it sounds like people had a great time without us! There was a time not so long ago that a trip like this seemed an impossibility, but thanks to our crack staff all went well. Thanks everybody.

We started out the trip in my hometown of Westport CT and went up to New Haven for a tour of my grandfather’s alma mater, Yale University. Amazing place that made us all wish we had studied harder in high school. All you Yalies out there will no doubt recognize this statue of Theodore Woolsey. Mr. Woolseys foot is rubbed for good luck by students, faculty and visitors all year long.

We headed to lunch over at Louis’ Lunch. New Havenites claim that this is the birthplace of the hamburger. Tiny one room restaurant filled with pewlike seats and absolutely no Coca Cola. Many people on the East Coast mysteriously prefer pepsi over Coke much in the way they love Dunkin Donuts coffee. The burgers are cooked in small cast iron ovens and served on white bread. Be sure and leave your mark when you visit.   Stories from New York coming soon including our review of the Minetta Tavern Black Label Burger.


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  1. Aria #

    Welcome back Jayne and Jon….we all missed you!



    October 18, 2009

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