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Now Playing at Jaynes: Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky

A couple of months back, my buddy and local wine impressario John Yelenosky and I went up to LA to see our friend Jar’s band Nous Non Plus play at Spaceland.  Great show followed by Produttori del Barbaresco in magnum backstage then on to a long night of  the hard stuff, mostly old Scotch, with bass player Dan Crane and his lovely Scottish lass of a fiance’ Kate.    We finally made it back to our hotel downtown at about 5am to get in a few hours of sleep.  Checkout was a drag to say the least, but we got out of there and headed straight to the old hollywood Roscoes chicken and waffles over on Gower.   Roscoes delivered a solid hangover remedy but we could only handle the smells of that place for so long so we got back on the road back to SD.

People with migraine headaches suffer from one of the two sense, sight or hearing.  I had torturous migraines as a kid and it was all about sight, but with my hangover it is all about sound.   Yele was DJing and after a few false starts landed on the perfect music, an album I hadnt heard yet, Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky.   A perfect blend of great songs, no-nonsense production and incredible performances.  I was especially impressed by guitarist Nels Cline’s completely unique, non referential guitar style.  I havent heard playing this personal since seeing Bill Frisell for the first time at Yoshi’s in Oakland back in the early 90’s(Claremont not Jack London)   We listened to the entire disc all the way back to SD.

Jump forward to last week.  Yele comes by Jaynes to celebrate our 1 year anniversary with not only a bottle of Gosset Grand Reserve Rose’ Champagne but the Wilco album on 180 gram vinyl!   Damn thats a good present.  Some of you may not know but my alter ego is a designer of professional audio equipment for recording studios and although Im by no means a tweaky audiophile(I have a modest 70’s Marantz 2220b receiver, Pioneer PL-41 turntable and NHT Super One speakers), I really prefer the experience listening to vinyl.

Thanks again Yele and take a listen to this epic live version of Impossible Germany

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