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Taste a volcano tonight at Jaynes

sp68_newOne of the wines that made it on to our list at Jaynes in the aftershocks of the San Diego Natural Wine Summit earthquake was the SP 68 Vittoria Rosso by natural winemaker Occhipinti (Sicily, Italy). When wines are made — like this one — in a truly natural style, with ambient naturally occurring yeast and in minimal intervention they taste like the place where they are made.

This wine is made from Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes. Nero d’Avola is Sicily’s native noble red grape, a tannic variety that creates wine with structure and elegance. Frappato is also a native Sicilian grape, with little tannin but loads of natural fruit (in this case, you’ll find a fantastic sexy strawberry note). Blended together, the Frappato helps to mellow the Nero d’Avola while the Nero d’Avola gives backbone to the Frappato.

But the best part of this wine is its intense minerality: you literally can taste the volcanic subsoils of the ancient island of Sicily.

Named after the local state highway in Arianna Occhipinti’s hometown, the SP 68 has quickly become one of the hottest labels in New York, San Francisco, and LA. And at Jaynes, it’s one of our best-kept secrets.

Come try for yourself: come taste a volcano tonight at Jaynes.

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