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Sunday at the Bar


For many people Sundays are the last day before the busy work week, the last chance to relax and enjoy the pleasures of summer in San Diego. Starting this Sunday, we will be offering a Sunday supper special at the bar at Jaynes. This Sunday we will be serving two fish tacos and a pint of Trumer Pilsner for 10 dollars. The tacos will be prepared with our Wild Pacific Sea Bass, the same delicious fish we used to make our fish and chips, served on fresh corn tortillas. I have paired  two tacos with my favorite Pilsner style lager brewed by Trumer. Trumer is an Austrian brewery that has been making Pilsner in Salzburg since 1601. They recently opened a brewery in Berkeley, California in 2003. They chose Berkeley because the water is nearly identical to that in Salzburg. Much like champagne, the quality of a pilsner can be seen in the density of its bubbles. Served in a tall, slender, pilsner glass, Trumer is one of the finest, freshest, lager beers produced in the States.  This Sunday go to the beach, enjoy the sun, forget your sauté pan and the task of cleaning dishes and enjoy some tacos and a beer for ten bucks with Nicholas, Cristy, and I at the bar at Jaynes. 

author: eric

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  1. Aria #

    OMG…….That’s QUITE a deal!!! I’m trying to talk my dads into changing tonight’s dinner plans so I can come by and visit all my friends at JG (and my dads can enjoy some delicious tacos and ice cold beer!). Fingers crossed……



    July 26, 2009

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