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Show Me What You Got: Billecart-Salmon Rose’ Champagne

-1-frontBecause the beginning of my career in hospitality coincided directly with the dot-com boom, going to work at night was not entirely unlike filming one long rap video. Newly minted millionaires were everywhere and, having no idea what to do their money, they resorted to the most conspicuous form of consumption imaginable – buying expensive champagne, shaking up the bottle and spraying it all over the room. In the same way a McDonald’s employee may come home at night smelling like fries, I reeked of $500 Cristal. (The effervescent muse of Diddy and Jay-Z, Cristal was invariably the favorite of the trigger-happy nouveau-riche – To this day, I can’t see a bottle without ducking). After a few weeks of relentless sparkling showers, I asked to be switched to an earlier shift. It was then, during the quiet evening hours, that I was introduced to Billecart-Salmon. Couples coming from the theatre or opera would retire to hushed corners of the restaurant to inconspicuously enjoy this elegant, graceful Champagne from a 200-year old House in Mareuil-su-Aÿ. One such couple, a retired composer and his wife, were kind enough to offer me a taste (in a glass!) of the Brut Rosé. And though it has been one of my great favorites ever since, I hardly ever see it offered in restaurants. That’s why I was so thrilled when Jayne and John decided to add it to our list. A beautiful pale pink with bright notes of strawberry and cherry, the Brut Rosé manages to be both delicate and lush at the same time. It would pair amazingly well the Pacific Blue Crab Cakes we’ve just added to the menu and – if you can make it last that long – would be the perfect counterpart to the Strawberry Rhubarb Crostata. I promise that its so incredible, you won’t want to spill – let alone spray – a single drop.

author: sarah 

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