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The Rose’ Pirates are Coming!

The European Commission will be making their final labeling decisions over the next few months on a new form of French rose’ made by simply blending finished red and white wines together.  Until now wines labeled as rose’ in France were made by allowing the red grape skins to soak with the macerating white juice for a very brief period and then removing them from the process.   This brief skin contact  is what gives rose’ its pink hue.  The European Commission, in what appears to be a desire to compete with relatively new wine producing regions such as Australia, South America and California, believes that the much less expensive method of blending will make them more competitive.  Under discussion is labeling wines as either ‘Traditional’ or ‘Blended.’   It appears that the vast majority of the French citizenry oppose allowing the blend into the fold, especially President Nicolas Sarkozy   We at Jaynes agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Sarzozy’s opposition. Just as french rose’ is gaining much deserved and long overdue worldwide recognition, we are seeing the 1970’s Paul Masson jug wine ‘Chablis’ and ‘Burgundy’ pirate fleet fast approaching the south of France… 

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