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This Weekend’s Special: South African Black Sea Bass

We will be serving pesto crusted South African Black Sea Bass over wilted pea tendrils, sweet white corn, baby turnips, heirloom tomatoes finished in a parsley lemon vinaigrette.   An incredibly tender fish that we liken to a cross between Alaskan halibut and Chilean sea bass.   This fish is also know as Black Ruff or Rudderfish and is highly sustainable.    

Beer News:  
We now offer La Chouffe Golden Ale on draft.  Green Flash Le Freak and Hitachino Nest White is available in bottles.   We will be significantly expanding our bottle list over the coming weeks.  We will also be rotating a few of our draft handles more often to spread around the love to our great local brewers.   This rotation excludes Chimay of course which has its handle firmly welded to the tower.   

Wine News:
Albarino by the glass, Copain Syrah by the glass, Hoftstatter Pinot Bianco, Movia Ribolla and Chapoutier La Sizeranne  Hermitage.    Please feel free to ask your server or bartender any questions about the list. Our wine chops are getting pretty well honed and there are gems for every budget.   

Thanks to everyone that came to our 3 nights of Billy Joel, Meatballs and Wine Flights this week!  It has been a very busy week here and we really appreciate seeing so many new and old friends.  We’re dedicated to expanding our business through these turbulent times to show everyone how much we appreciate this constant support.   Feels good to turn the business channel off and just charge ahead.     

We hope to see you this weekend!

xo Jayne and Jon

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  1. Aria #

    Sounds delicious…..See you tonight! Much love, Aria

    March 7, 2009
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    August 22, 2017

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