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Brooke Shields’ favorite beer at Jaynes: Duvel Golden Ale (bottle)

brooke“Belgium! Duvel! That’s my favourite beer ever! I cannot say enough how much I love it.” These are the words of one of our favorite actors at Jaynes, Brooke Shields (in Touché).

But that’s not why we love it (even though we love her!). Jaynes is a fan of Duvel Golden Ale from Belgium because it is truly the “champagne of beers”: like Champagne, Duvel undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle on the “lees” (yeast) of the beer. In fact, every bottle of Duvel has some sediment in it because the brewery leaves the lees in the bottle to give the ale its full flavor. Some people like the bitter taste the lees give the beer and some people prefer to leave them in (about 1 cm) when they pour. Either way, we recommend this full-bodied ale as a great pairing for Jaynes Fish and Chips and a number of other items on the menu.

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