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Featured wine: 2006 Movia Ribolla

That’s our friend Ales Kristiancich drawing off a taste of his 2005 Pinot Noir in his cellar in Brda (pronounced BER-da), Slovenia. Slovenia is part of the ex-Yugoslavia and borders Italy to the northeast.

This week’s featured wine at Jaynes is the 2006 Movia Ribolla. We met Ales Kristiancic, winemker and owner of Movia, when we hung out at the Wine and Spirits Top 100 tasting in San Francisco last week. Ales is one of the world’s most famous “natural” winemakers, his estate is 100% biodynamic, and he adds ZERO sulfites to his wine. All wine has some sulfite in it but Ales believes that time and not added sulfites should be used to stabilize wine. (Sulfites are added to wine to prevent oxidation, which can cause unwanted aromas.)

Ales’s Ribolla is a white wine made from Ribolla grapes. Ribolla is a grape variety grown in Friuli in Northeastern Italy and in bordering Slovenia, where it is called Rebula (Ales’s winery is about 30 minutes from the Slovenia-Italy border). The wine is rich golden in color and shows beautiful fruit on the nose in the mouth, with some notes of spice also on the palate. It’s a 100% natural wine and one of the things we like the most about it is its gentle tannin (yes, in a white wine!) thanks to maceration with skin contact and the way it pairs so well with a variety of foods. Really great stuff. $62

Ales (pronounced AL-esh) also plays bass guitar and he played in the Yugoslav army band before the fall of the Soviet Union.

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  1. looks a little like sting!

    October 30, 2008

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