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The Wine Program at Jaynes

We’d like to thank all of our regular guests for the kind words about the changes in the wine program at Jaynes. We’ve been working very hard to bring the best, most food-friendly wines we can find and at good prices, too.

Some of you have noticed that we have abandoned our stemless wine glasses and are now using crystal Reidel stems exclusively for sparkling, whites and red: by using a stem, you don’t impart any heat from your hand to the wine and your fingerprints don’t mark the glass. It’s important to keep the balloon clean because the color of the wine is the wine drinker’s first contact with it.

You’ve also noticed that our friend Jeremy Parzen has been working as sommelier on Friday and Saturday nights. We met Jeremy many years ago when Jon and he began making records together and we’ve always enjoyed great wine together. He’ll be away the next two weekends: he’s heading to Montalcino, Italy to taste and talk to Brunello producers and then he goes to Bolgheri to see our mutual friend Cinzia Merli and to taste at the legendary Sassicaia estate. We’re looking forward to hearing about his travels and you can read about his travels at his blog,

Jeremy’s favorite white wine by the glass these days is the La Chablisienne 2005 Fourchaume. It’s a premier cru (a single-vineyard wine) and Fourchaume is one of the most famous vineyards in Chablis. We’ve tasted and enjoyed Chablisienne together and it’s a great way to learn what traditional Chardonnay from its homeland (Burgundy) really taste like. “Rocks and fruit,” is what Jeremy likes to say. It pairs great with any of the seafood dishes but Jeremy’s top pairing is with the Porterhouse Pork Chop.

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