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It’s easy being green at Jaynes.

We try our best “to be green” at Jaynes. Sometimes that means asking our guests if they’d like a straw or not with their soda or ice tea before we rip the paper wrapping off. Sometimes it means asking guests to use the same wine glass when we open a second bottle for the table (but only when they’re drinking the same wine).

The other night a table of six nice gentleman ordered a second bottle of our Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir (one of our favorites) so we kindly asked that they use the same stemware: by not having to wash the six wine glasses, we save water and energy.

And plus: a wine glass is always best when it’s “primed” with wine, when it’s been rinsed with a little wine. You can do the same at home: we do!

It’s easy being green at Jaynes…

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