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Featured Wine: ’07 Robert Sinskey Vin Gris

Jayne and I had dinner last night at our favorite taco shop in Bird Rock, Bahia Don Bravo, with BrooklynGuy and Jeremy (our resident sommelier). BrooklynGuy is a natural wine fanatic and so Jayne and I decided to bring a bottle of one of our favorite natural wines, the 2006 Vin Gris Pinot Noir by Robert Sinskey.

Sinskey’s motto is “fine wines from organic vines” and he’s pretty much the king of organic grape-growing and natural winemaking in the U.S.

Vin Gris (or “Grey Wine”) is a rosé that’s been made from Pinot Noir (“Black Noir”) grapes by limiting the amount of time the grape must is in contact with the skins.

We love this groovy wine at Jaynes: it’s bright and fresh but has tannic structure that makes it great with both fish and white meat entrées. Definitely one of our favorite wines for the summer of 2008.

We’re currently pouring the 2007.

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