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I am Simply Cinzia! Lunch at Spago

    Wednesday June 18th saw Jayne and Jon driving up to Beverly Hills for a lunch with current Tuscan wine superstaress Cinzia Merli.   Cinzia’s winery Le Macchiole is quite famous these days because of the 100 point rating her Le Messorio Merlot received from Wine Spectator’s James Suckling(interview).  Im not a big fan of numeric rating, but these wines have earned their elevated recognition.  Cinzia’s humble and gracious demeanor is certainly worthy of a perfect score.  

     Le Macchiole is located in the Bolgheri region of Tuscany and grows Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah.   We serve the Bolgheri Rosso at Jaynes which is a blend of all the above mentioned grapes.  Additional offerings are the Paleo Rosso (100% Cabernet Franc), Le Messorio(100% Merlot) and Scrio (100% Syrah.)   While the Le Messorio was an incredible wine, well suited to a new world palette being very round and lush, my personal favorite was the Rhone inpsired Scrio which had the complexity of a great Hermitage.    Highlights of the lunch were of course the exquisite wines from Le Macchiole but also an apertif of ’96 Billecart-Salmon Brut(at $88 an incredible price), the steak tartare hors de oeuvres, a perfectly rare and tender rack of Colorado lamb and exotic Persian Mulberry’s for dessert.   A visit to the table from Wolfgang Puck was a big treat as well.



Cinzia was an absolute doll and very down to earth.  My friend Jeremy Parzen aka “Zelig” was also at the lunch and thankfully speaks perfect Italian.  At one point Jeremy told Cinzia that it was very exciting to be sitting with such a wine superstar, someone on the level of Angelo Gaja.  Cinzia replied (in Italian) “But Angelo Gaja is a great, rich entrepreneur while I am not.  I am simply Cinzia”  We love her for it and thank her for hosting such a wonderful lunch.   Grazia, Molto Cinzia.

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  1. Saly #

    HI i’ l taste of your foods and that was really nice..!!

    God Bless you!!

    June 22, 2008
  2. That was a truly memorable event. So glad that you guys could be there…

    June 23, 2008

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