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Ask Me About Brunello

Jayne’s Gastropub is proud to welcome Jeremy Parzen, PhD to Jaynes.   Jeremy and Jon have a history of record production together as producer/guitarist and engineer, respectively.  Hits include the CMJ charting Fixation Orale by Les Sans Culottes and Homesick Songs by Golem.   In addition to being a great musician, Jeremy is a world class Italian wine expert who has travelled the world extensively and has written about his many travels in publications such as the New York Times, Gastronomica, Men’s Vogue and his very popular wine/food/music blog, Do Bianchi.  He will be pouring wine behind the bar this Thursday evening and on Thursdays to come.  If you speak Italian or would like some practice, Im sure he would be happy to swap tongues and tell you about the ongoing Brunello controversy in a dialetto toscano.

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